8 JULY 2021

The Conference aims to unlock Ukraine’s municipal investment potential by creating a common space for information exchange and discussion between government representatives, municipalities, local self-government associations, international financial institutions, and experts.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Municipal Financing and Investments
8 July 2021
About the conference
At this Conference:

• Municipalities will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the best practice of attracting investments, get information on how to develop ready-to-implement projects and plan strategies for project financing from various sources.

• Representatives of government agencies will present and discuss opportunities and prospects for financing municipal projects from the state budget of Ukraine and by attracting foreign investment resources.

• Representatives of international financial institutions will hear the needs and expectations of municipalities for funding and acquaint municipalities with the goals and requirements of municipal investment funding programs currently implemented in Ukraine and how such initiatives can be expanded.
12:30 – 13:00

Registration and connection of participants
13:00 – 13:15

Presentation of the conference flow and agenda
Mr Andriy Kulykov, Conference moderator
13:15 – 13:45

Opening and Welcome
Welcome to the participants; Programme importance to Ukraine, brief presentation of U-LEAD Initiative of developing and preparing municipal partnership projects (local development projects of regional significance) for funding.

  • Mr Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine (TBC)
  • Mr Remi DuflotDeputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine
  • Ms Bernadette Neu, GIZ Country Director Ukraine
13:45 – 15:00

Panel 1: Regional Development Policy in Ukraine – Sustainable financing of development projects at municipalities: current situation and perspective opportunities
Panel Chair 1: Mr Andriy Kulykov, Conference moderator.

Approval of the State Strategy for Regional Development for 2021-2027, the process of updating the Regional Strategies and the preparation of relevant Action Plans provide a basis for the elaboration of municipal development programs/projects. Important levers of moving forward in this direction are the recent regulatory initiatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Finance to strengthen the institutional capacity of municipalities, as well as improving operational processes and procedures of the State Fund for Regional Development – the main platform for state financial support. This Panel will present and discuss opportunities and prospects for financing municipal projects from various sources, primarily the state budget of Ukraine, and foreign investments.

Key Speakers’ contribution:
  • Mr Ivan Lukerya, Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine
  • Mr Denys Uliutin, First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Experts’ summary contributions from recent analysis by U-LEAD:

  1. Summary of key conclusions of the report “Funding for Regional and Local Development from State Budget”, Mr Janez Šušteršič, U-LEAD with Europe Expert.
  2. Presentation “Perspectives and Requirements for Application of the EU Structural Investment Funds in Ukraine”, Mr Aleksandrs Antonovs, U-LEAD with Europe Expert.
15:00 – 15:15

15:15 – 16:15

Panel 2: Successful practices of financing local investment projects in municipalities in Ukraine
Panel Chair 2: Mr Ihor Lepyoshkin, Senior Expert of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The decentralization process has set the scene for sustainable development of municipalities in Ukraine, forming and implementing investment policies at the local and regional levels. At the same time, municipalities face many external and internal challenges in their fundraising activities. The Panel will share best practices of project financing in municipalities, discuss how to strengthen the institutional capacity of municipalities to achieve successful project cycle management, and give the floor to municipal leaders to hear their ideas on how to improve an investment ecosystem, including necessary legislative developments, improvement and implementation of regional development policy, etc.

Key Speakers’ contribution – heads of municipalities:
  • Mr Yuriy Bova, Trostyanets municipality
  • Ms Yana Litvinova, Starobilsk municipality
  • Ms Tetyana Hradiuk, Tysmenytska municipality
  • Mr Mykola Barduk, Vysoke municipality
16:15 – 16:30

16:30 – 17:30

Panel 3: Experience and expectations of financial institutions in the financing of development projects
Panel Chair: Mr Ihor Korkhovyi, Deputy Minister, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine

This Panel will give the floor to representatives of international financial institutions as the third group of key stakeholders contributing to developing the municipal debt market in transition economies. IFI representatives will discuss the funding needs and expectations expressed at the first two Panels and the best practice and approaches of other countries that successfully overcame similar challenges moving forward step by step. Municipalities can get acquainted with the goals and requirements of current IFI municipal investment programs available in Ukraine and learn how to implement such initiatives in more municipalities.

Key Speakers’ contribution:
  • Denis Gaiovy, Senior Banker, Sustainable Infrastructure Group, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Mr Rafal Rybacki, European Investment Bank, Head of Division, Lending Operations in EU Neighbouring Countries East & Central Asia
  • Ms Julia Shevchuk, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO, Head of the Representation Office in Ukraine
17:30 – 18:00

Session Chair: Mr Andriy KulykovConference moderator

Contributions by:
  • Mr Ivan Lukerya, Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine
  • Mr Andrej Horvat, GIZ Deputy Programme Director, U-LEAD with Europe

End of the Conference
Oleksiy Chernyshov
Oleksiy graduated from Kharkiv University of Humanities “People’s Ukrainian Academy” with a degree in "Business Economics" and from the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, majoring in Jurisprudence.

He worked as the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration, is the founder of the Kyiv Vision Foundation.

Rémi Duflot
Rémi joined the European institutions in 2004, after a career in investment banking that included assignments in CIS countries, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

As managing officer for European Union–Republic of Moldova relations, first at the European Commission (2008-2010), then at the European External Action Service (2011-2014), he advised successive EU Special Representatives in the Transnistrian settlement process.

In 2014, Rémi joined the European Commission Support Group for Ukraine, before moving to Kyiv to deputise for the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in Ukraine and in the Trilateral Contact Group.

Since 1 January 2021, Rémi has been the deputy to the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC), France and is a Visiting Professor of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Bernadette Neu
Bernadette Neu has more than 25 years of experience in international cooperation in Europe, Latin and Central America, Afrika as well as Central and South Asia. She has a vast working experience also in crisis areas such as Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Mrs. Neu works for GIZ since 15 years in different countries and positions. Before joining GIZ she worked many years for NGOs, Social Welfare Organisations and a political foundation.
Denys Uliutin
Received his Master of Finance Degree at the National Academy of the State Tax Service in 2004.
Mr. Uliutin has more than 20 years of work experience and third rank of a civil servant.
From March 2010 to April 2016, he worked at the Secretariat of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

From April 2016 to June 2018 Mr. Uliutin was the Head of Patronage Service of the Minister of Finance of Ukraine. He has received an Official Letter of Gratitude from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

From April 2019 Denys Uliutin held the post of Deputy State secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Secretariat.

Appointed First Deputy Minister of Finance on the 4th of April 2020.

Janez Šušteršič
Janez Šušteršič is a former Minister of Finance of Slovenia and an international expert for U-LEAD with Europe. Since 2013, Janez has worked in technical assistance projects focusing on the strategic policy level, he supported preparation of economic reform programmes and development strategies, as well as coordination between policy strategies, fiscal frameworks and the EU integration agenda.

During the last three years, he has worked for the OECD as an external expert on monitoring and evaluation of SME development strategies in the Eastern Partnership countries, including Ukraine.
Aleksandrs Antonovs
Aleksandrs Antonovs is a former Head of ESIF Managing Authority in Latvia: having joined the Ministry of Finance in 2000 to draft the National Development Plan he rose through the ranks to lead the Managing Authority for Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund in 2010-2012, and later on to serve as a state secretary for the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in 212-2014.

Since 2014 Aleksandrs consulted national, regional and local authorities in the EU member states, candidate and partnership countries across Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Western Balkans. His primary expertise is management of EU funds, foreign aid coordination, economic development planning, and related financial management and public governance.

Yuriy Bova
Yuriy Bova is the head of the Trostyanets territorial hromada, which is located in the Sumy region and has many years of experience in local government - since 2005. In 2020, Mr Yuriy Bova won a convincing victory, receiving almost 65% of the votes of confidence of the residents of Trostyanets and 13 village councils - for the sixth time in a row he became mayor. Mr Yuriy Bova is the President of the Association of Open Cities. Trostyanets has repeatedly won various national competitions and has made great remarkable achievements in implementing innovative projects and best practices of local government.
Yana Litvinova
Yana Litvinova was re-elected as a Head of the Starobilsk territorial hromada, which is located in the Luhansk region. Prior to that, Ms Yana Litvinova held the position of Secretary of the Starobilsk City Council.

Ms Yana Litvinova is a specialist in social pedagogy and has a master's degree in public administration. She uses the acquired knowledge for the successful development of the Starobilsk territorial hromada.
Tetyana Hradiuk
Tetyana Hradyuk is the head of the Tysmenytsia Territorial Hromada, which is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and has many years of experience in local government. Ms. Tatiana Hradyuk has a higher pedagogical education and has a master's degree in psychology.

She was repeatedly elected as a deputy and held the position of the chairman of the Tysmenytsia district council, and in 2020 she took the position of the Chairman of the Tysmenytsia city council. Tysmenytsia municipality has significant experience in implementing investment projects.
Mykola Barduk
Mykola Barduk is the head of the Vysokivka territorial hromada which is located in the Zhytomyr region and has many years of experience in local government. Mr Mykola Barduk has a higher pedagogical education, worked as a teacher and as the director of Osnytsia secondary school.

Since 2002, Mr. Mykola Barduk has been elected to the position of Vysokivka village head for three times, and since 2015 he has headed the Vysokivka village territorial hromada. Vysokivka territorial hromada has significant experience in implementing investment projects in the field of health, education, local economic development.
Rafał Rybacki
Head of Lending Operations in EU Neighbouring Countries (Public Sector) and Central Asia at European Investment Bank (EIB).

Worked as loan officer at European Investment Bank (EIB) since December 2004 in the lending department covering the following countries and sectors: energy in the UK, Ireland and Denmark as well as banks and corporates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Was a Head of Lending Operations in Poland and Baltic States, Public Sector, Infrastructure and Financial Instruments. Worked in various positions in corporate finance and financial consulting. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (Faculty of Foreign Trade) and London Business School (Finance).

Julia Shevchuk
Is a passionate project manager with over 20 years experience in infrastructure project development in a range of sectors including delivering large programmes for the public sector. She works with international donor agencies like Sida, GIZ, EU and USAID.
Julia Shevchuk joined the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) in 2007 and is an experienced and energetic Chief Investment Advisor and Head of the Representative Office in Ukraine with an impressive background of managing more than 200 projects in Ukraine. 
She is result oriented and has wide experience in the infrastructure projects development and financing in Ukraine in water, district heating, public buildings and renewable energy.»
Andrej Horvat
Andrej Horvat is an economist with long lasting experience in the fields of transformation processes, good governance, structural and public administration reforms, local development policy, and EU integration. In 2006, he was appointed the State Secretary of the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Growth, and in 2009 he was appointed State Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia responsible for development policies.

He has worked as a consultant in Turkey, Jordan, North Macedonia, Albania, and Serbia. Since September 2017, Andrej Horvat has been GIZ Deputy Programme Director and is Head of the Sustainable Development Unit with U-LEAD with Europe.
Andriy Kulikov
Andriy Kulykov, co-founder of Hromadske Radio, has over 40 years of experience in journalism. He is Chairperson of the Commission on Journalism Ethics. A professional moderator of conferences, discussions, and debates, he also teaches journalism at the Mariupol State University.
Ivan Lukerya
Ivan Lukeria holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He worked as an advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, coordinator of the Central Reform Office at the Ministry of Regional Development (U-LEAD with Europe Program), and was a member of the Council of the Resuscitation Reform Package (RRP).
Ihor Korkhovyi
Deputy Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine on European Integration. Prior to that, he worked as the Director of the Strategic Planning Directorate of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.

He graduated from the Kyiv National Linguistic University and the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, a graduate of the Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia) "European Law and Economics".
Ihor Lepyoshkin
Ihor Lepyoshkin has over 19 years of experience in project management, strategic planning, local economic development and democratic governance. An economist by profession, Mr Ihor Lepyoshkin worked as a university lecturer, has extensive experience in local government and international technical assistance projects.
About Initiative of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme on municipal partnership projects
On April 23, 2021, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme announced the launch of the Initiative for Municipal Partnership Projects to identify and assist in elaborating local development projects of regional significance that can be submitted for funding to both national and international financial institutions. This Initiative aims to enhance the capacity of municipalities to develop projects independently through municipal partnership initiatives and improve access to funding resources for investment projects.

This Initiative brings together 358 municipalities from 24 regions of Ukraine who see common opportunities for efficient resource management to develop and improve the quality of life of their residents.

Under the Initiative, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme received 194 applications with ideas for prospective local development projects of regional significance: 22% focus on improving economic development and employment, 6% – on mobility and transport infrastructure, 30% – on preservation and development of human resources, 36% – on community infrastructure development and spatial planning, and 6% – on regional disparities and rural development.

Municipalities would like to get support from the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and participate in educational initiatives (such as seminars and training), conferences, exchange of experience, and joint discussion to search for funding sources for further implementation of their project.
Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine

The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development is a state leader that changes Ukraine for the better: it provides security, comfort, and well-being for every family. The mission of the Ministry is to form and implement the state policy to create a comfortable, high-quality, and safe living space for HUMAN development.

The mission is implemented by improving the competitiveness of regions; developing local self-governments; providing a comfortable and safe living environment for people; establishing and observing effective rules and conditions of the construction business, harmonious living environment (including barrier-free spaces and protection of architectural monuments); efficient use of energy in the housing sector and communal services; and building a professional team able to work for people effectively.

• Accessibility & comfort
• Personality
• Openness
• Innovation
• Focus on results
• Anti-corruption principles

U-LEAD with EuropeProgramme

U-LEAD with Europe: Ukraine - Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development programme is a multi-donor action of the European Union and its member states, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and Sweden.

The programme operates in all 24 regions of Ukraine to strengthen municipalities in their work to improve living conditions of their residents and service delivery at the local level under the decentralisation reform. U-LEAD provides specialised training and consultations for Ukrainian municipalities (hromadas), conducts local and international study trips and experience exchange events, implements local development projects in various sectors of hromadas' life, communicates the decentralisation reform to the citizens, cooperates closely with Ukrainian line ministries to improve regional development in Ukraine, and contributes to the formation of an efficient multi-level governance strengthening hromadas' capability.

A leader in development consultancy, GOPA Worldwide Consultants implements projects in developing and transition economies on behalf of national and international development partners, national authorities, industry representatives and civil society organisations.

To ensure that the programmes we implement have a lasting impact in terms of economic growth, sustainability and poverty reduction, we target structural reforms and capacity building in six core sectors.

These six sectors represent our commitment to improve the social and economic situation of people through Education and Employment Promotion, Governance and Economic Development, Rural Development and Environment, Health and Social Development; and measuring the long-term impact of interventions through Statistics and Monitoring and Evaluation.

We are a member of GOPA Consulting Group, which consists of 6 large consulting companies, with additional complementary branch organisations, whose expertise and location respond to specific market demands.

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